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The blue VIPSEAL On-Road has been specially designed for vehicles that travel on-road at high speeds (+ 50 km/h). This product is suitable for all types of tyres on professional and passenger vehicles. It has been tested for use at speeds up to 240 km/h.

VIPSEAL On-Road is available in 500 ml and 1 l bottles, and in 25 l drums.

VIPSEAL On-Road lets a 4x4 vehicle drive just as well on roads and highways as on tough off-road terrain.
It is possible to drive with the manufacturer's minimum recommended pressure.

Technical specifications

Avoids underinflation and burst tyres, thanks to the protective film that sticks to the inside of the treads.

Reduces fuel consumption by 3% to 10%.

Increases the tyre's lifespan by an average of 20%.

Gives tyres 100% protection from punctures by objects that don't get stuck in the treads. Punctures up to 6mm for vehicles less than 3.5 T and 12 mm for vehicles over 3.5 T.

Contributes to sustainable development and environmental protection with a water-soluble, non-corrosive, non-inflammable, non-toxic, fibre-free product.

Reliable for the entire lifespan of the tyre and rim, it protects them from bacteria, rust, corrosion, and mould.

Water-washable, and withstands extreme temperatures from -35°C to +45°C.

Does not guarantee against side punctures in tyres, and is not a curative product.

VIPSEAL is a puncture-prevention sealant, and stays liquid for the tyre's entire lifespan.

Instructions for use

BALANCE TYRES BEFORE FILLING (Light cars and motorbikes)
CALCULATE the quantity to inject into your tyre  here

Example: for a 250 ml town car, for a family car 300 ml, and for a sedan or utility vehicle 350 ml.


Before injecting VIPSEAL, check that the tyres are weight-balanced. If they aren't, the product may highlight or reveal an existing problem, and you should consult your mechanic. 

To inject VIPSEAL using a 25 l drum: 1 pump action = 100 ml per cycle 

VIPSEAL achieves its optimal effectiveness after 50 km of driving. 

If the tyre deflates after VIPSEAL is pumped inside, check to see if any objects are penetrating the tyre and remove them all. Reinflate and rotate the wheel so that the product plugs up the hole(s).


Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with the eyes or mucous membranes, wash liberally with water. If ingested, call the nearest poison control centre.

Ecological waste management