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The product of a new generation of water-based puncture-proof sealants, more environmentally friendly, VIPSEAL reduces and prevents the #1 danger: loss of pressure in tyres.

VIPSEAL prevents and protects from punctures, throughout the entire lifespan of the tyre.

Consequently, VIPSEAL increases the lifespan of the tyre and reduces your fuel consumption while letting you drive without worry.

VIPSEAL is injected easily through the tyre valve. Once the product has completely spread over the entire inner surface of the treads, you won't have to worry about them anymore. VIPSEAL stays liquid, protects the rubber, and does not alter the rims in any way.

VIPSEAL is divided into 3 different quality products corresponding to separate applications.

VIPSEAL guarantees protection for the treads of tube or tubeless tyres.

 VIPSEAL lets you know about existing faults in the tyres. VIPSEAL is not a curative product, and does not guarantee protection for the sides of tyres.

Learn all about the range of VIPSEAL puncture-prevention sealant products!



VIPSEAL bottles are recyclable. Rinse them before placing them into appropriate receptacle.
VIPSEAL is water-based and contains NO FIBRES.

Ecological waste management.